Xcelnet’s Location based solution works on active and passive locations of users on a telecom network and perform mass location analytics. Our solution uses combination of telco elements such as SMLC/GMLC, RF Fingerprint Based Location, Mass Location, LBS Middleware, Location APIs for 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G Networks.

Our Location Intelligence solutions enable a new massive data monetization opportunity for telcos while complying with regulatory requirements for data privacy and security. Businesses gain from valuable People Movement Analytics and Location Insights derived from mobile network data using powerful AI/ML and advanced Visualization techniques

Using our Work Force Management application managers can manage field resources more efficiently, organizations. An interactive map interface allows team managers and supervisors to locate and monitor on-field employees using this web-based application. The application maintains a history of employee locations and generates advanced reports automatically or manually.

Managing and maintaining assets such as pipelines, towers, or remote sites effectively and efficiently is critical to maintaining high uptime. Organizations face several challenges when it comes to effective & efficient management of these assets, including -

  • There is a low level of field personnel productivity.
  • A lack of efficiency in the system results in higher costs.
  • A lack of two-way communication with the field force.
    • Using our SaaS-based Field Service Management application, organizations can overcome these challenges by getting a better grasp on their field operations. A plug-and-play solution can be deployed with ease by integrating with existing SCM, CRM, ERP, or another tailored application.