High-performing bulk data synchronization and replication for SaaS products on cloud.


Datapult is an on-demand data replicator providing fast, reliable, secure and cost-effective cloud-to-enterprise data integration that enables organizations to quickly and easily replicate SaaS-related data to their on-premise transactional and master databases. Datapult helps organizations store and maintain local, separate copies of their ServiceNow, Salesforce or other SaaS data for specialized uses. It can be leveraged for data warehousing, data mining, custom reporting, analytics, and integration with other enterprise applications, such as ServiceNow

To support operational reporting of data existing in ServiceNow, you need technology that can replicate the data and ensure the data quality is maintained, the data is in the right format, and the data is delivered in a timely manner. Datapult enables you to replicate your data that exists within Salesforce.com and thus provide you with an easy and cost-effective way to meet all reporting and data maintenance regulations related to compliance issues.

Although ServiceNow provides a strong IT infrastructure solution, it’s not optimized for advanced operational reporting technology, such as Crystal Reports, Cognos etc.

Some of the key data replication capabilities of Datapult include the ability to:

  • Archive all ServiceNow data, including any custom objects or fields, into your local database for reporting. This step allows you to create a target database that meets your specific reporting needs.
  • Back up your own ServiceNow data to comply with existing regulations and internal corporate governance policies. This feature gives you complete control, and safety, around the use of your data. You leverage the convenience of a SaaS provider, but still manage and protect the data within your own firewall.
  • Automatically detect schema changes in ServiceNow and reflect those changes in the target schema. Thus, there is no need to closely follow changes that are made to schemas within ServiceNow; they are automatically managed for you.
  • Provide full or changed data capture replication of ServiceNow data, thus ensuring that the data held on-premise for reporting and the ServiceNow data are in sync. To avoid sending huge volumes of data over the Internet, this technology only synchronizes changed data.
  • Support a wide variety of databases, including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres and most office automation systems.
  • Handle a performance level that can keep up with the business. Most ServiceNow users will need to replicate millions of rows per day, so you’ll need technology that’s able to keep up with that pace of data movement and management.

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