To bring the best practices and Custom Program Management Solutions to all the Clients

Program and Project Management

Xcelnet Systems – to bring the Best Practices and Custom Program Management Solutions to Clients in USA

Working with national, local and regional governments, public and private utilities and industrial and commercial clients has allowed Xcelnet to develop a track record of providing program management services to clients worldwide. Our attention to detail and using right people strengthens our approach, processes and systems for each client’s need.

Enterprise Architect & Business Process Management

Xcelnet Systems – to bring clear insight to Clients in USA We have significant experience in helping organizations leverage the power of our Enterprise Architect & Business Process Management approaches to transform traditional business functions processes to fully integrated, business-managed, performance-driven Enterprise Architect based processes that cut across departmental and organizational boundaries.

Software & Application Development

Xcelnet – a right fit for your enterprise application development

We believe a good technology partner should be able to adapt to the client’s business needs. Our unique approach to engagement management, utilizing our scalable delivery methodology, ensures we are capable of doing just that for your custom application projects. With onsite and onshore resources and a consultant roster full of talented project managers, business analysts, architects, developers, UI designers & quality assurance experts, we can be your technology partner.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Xcelnet – we drive results for you

At Xcelnet we understand that ERP programs are immense, expensive and complicated undertakings that impact nearly every area of an organization. It is imminent that majority of the ERP initiatives are either over budget or taking longer than expected time to complete. It is imperative for leaders to align with partners that can expertly and efficiently help them meet their goals.

Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse

Xcelnet – providing insight to your business needs

We are a professional services and technology solutions provider for services within Business Intelligence (BI) - structured data warehouse/ data marts and Big Data. We have successfully delivered projects for organizations in both the commercial and government sectors. We have significant experience in providing Information Technology solutions and services to clients in various domains.

Information Assurance and Information Security

Xcelnet – your information is secured

Information Assurance requires expertise uncommon to most information technology professionals. At Xcelnet, we have expertise in providing a strong information security policies serving as a foundation of an effective and efficient information security program. Our expertise in defining Information Security policies assures organizations can focus on their core competencies, than spending countless hours and significant financial resources implementing technologies to solve an information or process problems.

Network Engineering

Xcelnet – providing full range of network services

We deliver a full range of integrated services that range from developing a turnkey network to constructing an individual engineering project. We specialize in building and maintaining networks, desktop systems and servers. We are seasoned professionals with vast engineering experience in concept, design, integration, installation, operation, and maintenance.

IT Infrastructure & Service Desk

Xcelnet – servicing your Operational needs

Enterprise Service Desk is a key component for Business IT, playing a critical role in ensuring reliability, availability and continuity of IT services. Our Service Desk operations are delivered through a consistent set of tools and processes providing efficient and cost effective IT Services to our customers, rather than just logging and resolving end-user issues.

Total Quality Management

Xcelnet – comprehensive quality management for you

Total Quality Management (TQM) is a comprehensive and structured approach to organizational management that seeks to improve the quality of products and services through ongoing refinements in response to continuous feedback. At Xcelnet, we define goals to achieve TQM adhering to established standards, such as the SEI’s Capability Maturity Models (CMM), International Organization for Standardization's ISO 9000 series or the Six-Sigma.

Mobile and Cloud Computing

Xcelnet helps you transform your IT through the cloud, by providing you professional services, allowing you to focus your valuable time on your business. At Xcelnet, we will utilize the infinite computing resources on cloud, creating a new cloud-computing platform, whereby cloud performs the heavy lifting of computing-intensive tasks and storing massive amounts of data.

Operations and Maintenance

Xcelnet’s Operations & Maintenance (O&M) services make sure your existing systems and applications keep firing on all cylinders. Our expertise from legacy systems to web-based applications assure you have a committed partner making your investments continue to perform reliably and meet your users’ requirements. We deliver our O&M services using processes, technology, and methodologies that you have already identified and implemented. For enhancements, we work with you to confirm requirements and develop them so that they fit in seamlessly with your production.

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